The New Cold War


Prophetic Word: One word was said Babel- as soon as it was said a series of images hit me.

and through them the Lord spoke to me. “Can you see the deconstruction of wealth and power initiated by a simple virus, do you understand the battle you are in?” The Lord impressed upon me.

I saw an image of the nations and Lord opened my eyes

“ This was the destroyers attempt at Babel to dismantle every economy, every nation, to choke the wealth of nations and initiate a world wide famine. His plan is to redistribute the wealth of the nations, and to re-establish the rule of the strong man, rather than the consensus of the servant ruler and to impoverished the people’s as the means to that end. It will be revealed that this was a Babel constructed by the enemy”

“There will be a new Cold War, fulled not by nationalistic triumph but rather because of economic needs, the wealth of one generation has already been robbed, but call the intercessors to pray, stand in the gap for your children. There will be unparalleled aggression even between former allies because of the shortages and needs.”

I saw four great powers domineering the earth, building great barns within which to store the wealth from the earth, serving their national interests rather collaborating. And I saw men like Skelton’s hungry and without means, A great spreading unrest”

Then I saw her in the middle of the pain this extraordinary bride glistening in white robes dressed in a nurses uniform, trending the wounds of the people, beautiful , dignified, bringing healing in the nation’s.

“what he is trying to do through deconstructing the wealth of the nations he has In past times attempted to do with the church. Satan failed in his attempt to deconstruct the church, through instituting doctrines that worked at dismantling it, he failed then he will fail now, so do not fret at this attack do not worry about the state of the church, I will prune her to make her even more fruitful, but his attempts at silencing her and deconstructing her will fail. he was doomed to fail, he continues his fight to deconstruct everything that is holy, and instituted by heaven. And so he claims sovereignty over the nations, yet they were established by my decree, It was I who gave birth to them, and it is I who rules over them, Satan’s attempts at creating his own ‘Babel’, will only succeed in part for I have not yet finished preparing my people.”

” Son” he said to me ” do not be discouraged by the season within which you live for every season demands it’s godly heroes and I have placed them in strategic locations across the nation’s”

“And I am still building pathways for the gospel and establishing David’s mighty warriors, worshippers engaging in mighty exploits. Remember and comfort yourself with this a great renewal is still coming.”

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Standing for jobs

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