A prophetic Vision: The majestic tree I heard the Lord say, Don’t be anxious about this storm you are in son and then he showed me a vision. I saw a great tree looking majestic in the glow of the sun. This is the church I heard him whisper.

Then I heard the Lord say watch! First came Ravens pecking at the fruit, see the devourer is after the harvest – but the tree was full of so much fruit the pecking was making little difference to the future harvest. Yet She will still have much seed to sow. Then came the wind a great wind, an ill wind promising much understand, ruffling the leaves of the tree but in my vision,

I heard the Lord say pay it no attention son it will ruffle some of the leaves affecting their healing properties – but many leaves remain untouched and countless unaffected this is a wind sent to rob of faith having many words but no power for this is a permissive wind, pay it no attention said the Lord it will run out of steam. She will still perform many signs and wonders and her leaves will be for the healing of the nations in this season I am re-energising those who are seeking my face.

Then came a great storm with lightning bolts striking the tree burning branches scorching the tree – oppressive attacks against the tree, for in this time of storm the enemy seeks to break down the branches. But he will not prevail because I prune, to make the vine even more fruitful an abundance is coming She will endure for I am praying for her says the Lord- the storm has reached a critical stage pray -Tell her shepherds that this season will soon pass, and not long after will come to a great renewal, for through the church I will release a new wave of signs and wonders and renewal, I will pour out my spirit afresh, releasing new works that confound the powers of darkness.

But first must come to a pruning back that she might be even more fruitful, you will see the next generation of leaders keeping watch with you.I will build my church She will fellowship, She will worship, She will be in spirit and And she will proclaim truth I saw the tree, the church swaying in glorious heavenly light and she looked majestic.

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