The Lion Will Roar


Prophetic Vision: In prayer, I had a vision of a foundation stone and the Lord spoke to me

,” Son instruct the church not to worry: tell them what you have seen.”The stone symbolised Christ and in this vision, the cornerstone looked square –

“the four corners speak to the powers of darkness that my son Rules the globe. The nations will come to him,”

As I prayed I realised The four corners speak to every household and is symbolic of every corner of every house. I saw four pillars rising from the four corners of the foundation stone and I heard a voice say the fourth pillar is symbolic of payer

“Son I said I will build my church, yet many are anxious and worried about the future of the church.”

Then the Lord opened my eyes, he showed me a vision of the church it made me laugh and laugh and laugh, first I saw the United Kingdom it appeared to be in darkness, my assumption was coronavirus, but then suddenly in every street lights were going on as people prayed in church buildings and households and in the streets, then he showed me inside the care homes, thousands of elderly Christians praying – I saw Europe covered in prayer the four corners of the earth alight with prayer

“ the nations are soaked in prayer, so I will bless them, I will bless the finances of the UK I will untangle her paths and though you can’t see it yet those who stand against her will soon stand with her because they will have to negotiate three humanitarian disasters that are unfolding, two from the south and one from the east, in this last year there has been more prayer offered than any other in the last ten years. But I have this against your government, I asked Boris for a Day of prayer yet he offered a day of reflection, That this government would call out to me as one. Nevertheless my people have cried out to me they have lit their torches on the ramparts and stood their ground , for their sake I will stand with this nation.

The third pillar represents mission, for out of the ashes will come renewal, with many turning to me I am still the Lord who restores broken places, I will restore from the devastation imposed upon the nation. Accompanying this great evangelistic push will be a release of signs and wonders and miracles.

The second pillar represents the prophetic. Many have tried to silence the voice of the church. But in this season I have strengthened the heart of many faithful sons and daughters and through them the Lion will roar and my son will speak, they will not be silenced. They will call leaders to return to my word.

The first pillar repents worship (and again I saw millions dancing, singing and joining with heaven in worship.), Son there has also been more heartfelt worship in this last year than in the last ten. Encourage my people that I will keep my promise and I will build my church, I’ve got her in my hands.”

I have to say I came away greatly encouraged turning to worship, to prayer, thinking about mission and listening to heaven.

Given to me Sunday morning 14 March

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