Prophetic word: When I allow every nation to be shaken, and I allow every church in every nation to be shaken, what do my people choose?

Will they turn to me in prayer? Will they humble themselves by standing in the gap.

Then the Lord showed me an image of the earth beautiful and blue, but her seas were churning and the resulting waves were crashing into the shores. ( I beliver this is speaking of greater global crisis coming)

I saw greater people movements refugees as a result and an immigration crisis arising out of the coming turbulence. Huge population shifts, I saw nations in confederacy becoming bitter rivals.

But if my people will humble themselves and pray the power of these waves will be diminished, they will yet affect you. Why you ask? You could have taken greater care of the poor, you could have insisted on greater care of this planet the one I gave you to tend, you could have proclaimed my gospel, the gospel of peace and the gospel which brings life. when you speak of the river that flows from the throne, you speak of my Spirit, who fills every believer. You must bring life where there is death, hope where there is darkness the good news of my son, it will be healing for the nations and an impenetrable wall against the surging seas

listen carefully my children this year coming there will be a further shaking of the church for what I have grown I will prune back and what I have established I will cause to flourish.

But you prepare your heart for the coming renewal See less

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