Prophetic prayer : This morning I’m praying for so those who face an uncertain tomorrow: Has God made you a promise? If so he is honour bound to keep it, God does not lie. So I bind every shadow of despair that would seek to discourage you. We have the mind of Christ therefore we take every despairing thought captive.

As a descendant of Abraham by faith you and your children will inherit the blessings promised to you by God for he is the father of all of us. So do not waver, God will come through, he is a good father. Do not let your lack of any talents, resources or ability dissuade you from thinking you will enter into the promise. Abraham did not allow infertility to rob him of faith, don’t be deceived into thinking your lack will rob you of your destiny.

God will come through for you and such faith is recounted as righteousness

HOPE IS THE SPIRITUAL EQUIVALENT OF OXYGEN – don’t cut off your dreams air supply ‪‬ (Acts 2:26

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