Covid & The Mark of The Beast



Many Christians are concerned that the Covid 19 vaccine might be the introduction of the mark of the beast. 


Now before you start laughing, it’s crucial to note that some of the individuals who believe this are mature and sincere Christians simply trying to make sense of the times we are in. 

There is no doubt that we see a churning of end-time waves being foreshadowed in the current global pandemic that is before us. It is indeed a foreshadowing of the great plagues that will trouble the world in the end times. it is better to engage with these concerns and unhelpful to simply dismiss peoples fears history tells us we are wise to ask questions of our government. We know that in the past that governments have illegally experimented on citizens without their knowledge and this memory lingers. 

In January 1994 President Bill Clinton‘s Secretary of Energy, Hazel O’Leary, released over 1.6 million pages of classified records which revealed that since the 1940s, the Atomic Energy Commission had been sponsoring tests on the effects of radiation on the human body. American citizens who had checked into hospitals for a variety of ailments were secretly injected, without their knowledge, with varying amounts of plutonium. Also, we now know that in 1941, at the University of Michigan, virologists Thomas Francis, Jonas Salk and other researchers deliberately infected patients at several Michigan mental institutions with the influenza virus by spraying the virus into their nasal passages.

Many other such exposures of secret experiments conducted by governments on their populations have come to light. Trust in government organisations is thus low as you can see in the response to the vaccine in Europe. And I have already pointed out that black people, in particular, were unfairly impacted in eugenics experiments.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that such experiments were done in a clandestine way and bear no resemblance to the open and heavily scrutinised covid 19 vaccines. There is a lot of light being shed on its production creation and deployment with so many independent scientists and organisations involved in its scrutiny. There are some scientists expressing concern, but on balance, I would have to say the vast majority of those who deliver our babies, operate on our bodies, help us with our mental health and generally medicate us trust the process they are encouraging us to engage with.

But none of that answers the question, is this the mark of the beast?

The scriptures encourage us to be wise and discern the days in which we live.  There will be a mark of the beast that will be used in the end times to control the world’s populations, we are encouraged to work out what the meaning of the mark of the beast is  (Rev 13:18).  A great divide is coming between those who are true followers of Christ and those who betray the blood of Jesus Christ and make his sacrifice on the cross a thing of contempt.

Well here at 8 indicators that will help you understand why the COVID-19 vaccine cannot be the mark of the beast.

  1. The mark of the beast is something visible, The word mark (Greek charagma) was used to refer to a “mark” such asthe emperor’s head on a coin,  or the imperial stamp on business documents. In the book of Acts 17:29  it means “image,”. So it is  something that can be discerned and seen. It is worth noting that God himself put a mark on some in the end times to distinguish between those who belong to him and who would not be harmed by his coming judgements Revelation 7:3Revelation 9:4
  2. There Antichrist must be revealed before the mark is applied. The timing of the imposition of the mark of the beast is relevant to this discussion. A number of other historical events have to happen before we see an imposition of the mark of the beast.
  3. We are also yet to witness the temple being rebuilt in Jerusalem. This rebuilt temple will house the revival of religion amongst the Jews that is yet to be fulfilled. It is also prophesied that this rebuilt temple would be desecrated by  “ the abomination of desolation” 2 Thess 2:4
  4. The beast who functions as the religious leader for the antichrist must also be revealed. It is he who as the political world ruler imposes the mark on peoples. But before that happens he will Institute a world religion and take control of the world governments all in the pursuit of the nations worshipping the antichrist. 
  5. People are not tricked into receiving The mark of the beast. It will be something done openly as part of a new global religious system in honour of the Antichrist. The beast, who is the political-religious world leader is the one that causes all who worship the Antichrist to receive upon their right hand or their forehead the mark (of the Antichrist), or the name (Rev 13: 12), or the number of the name of the antichrist (Rev13: 16–17). Indicating that this is not something that is imposed upon people in a manner in which they do not realise what is happening, but rather it is something that’s done openly. There will be a clear choice when the mark of the beast is being offered.
  6. Quite apart from what the antichrist does is what God intends to do. Before the antichrist is revealed there will be two extraordinary prophets that will travel declaring the word of the Lord to the nations and performing extraordinary miracles as they do. These are not hidden away and obscure religious figures but will be very public and impossible for governments to ignore.
  7. The Jewish people will have reinstated the temple worship and the beast will make a seven year treaty which he will break halfway through —Isa. 28:1518Dan. 9:27.
  8. The antichrist will also perform extraordinary signs and wonders deceiving the whole world into following him. He will face resistance and be mortally wounded but will recover from this deadly wound and display extraordinary political acumen Dan. 11:40–43Rev. 13:112:14.

We have seen foreshadows of these signs, but whatever other concerns people may have with the vaccine,  given that none of these signs have happened we can safely conclude that COVID-19 is not the mark of the beast. 

I have chosen to trust the doctors even if I am unsure that the politicians are telling us everything they know about this virus. It is better to choose to keep everyone else safe by taking the vaccine if your health permits.

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